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3 Japanese Grammars I Know

Hello, guys (Always start with words HELLO)! Welcome back to my blog! Now I will make blog like in the title, right? Yeah, I'm always mark Japanese's grammars where I get from books in my paper. Just 5 (five) grammars, okay? May be in next blog I make blog grammars again. Yeah, if you found some mistake in my blog, please to remind me. O yeah, always remember words  (Ka) that use for question mark (?). Let's go! Hajimemashou!!

Hehehe... The angry cats!

🌸~ (Demonstrative) は (Noun) て゛す。

🌺~ (Demonstrative WA Noun DESU): This use for designating some noun is according to the position, example Demonstrative words: Asoko, sore, kore, and another demonstrative words

Example: Kore wa enpitsu desu. (This is pencil.)

Asoko wa gakkou desu. (There is school.)

Sore wa ei desu. (That is house.)

🌸~ (Demonstrative/Noun) は いくら て゛す か。

🌺~ (Demonstrative/Noun WA IKURA DESU KA?): This grammar is use for asking value of some noun whose is designating or say it directly. 

Example: Kore wa ikura desu ka? (How much does this cost?)

Kami wa ikura desu ka? (How much does (the) paper cost?)

🌸~ (Demonstrative/Noun) は と゛う て゛す か。

🌺~ (Demonstrative/Noun WA DOU DESU KA?): Now, last grammar is use for asking opinion of some noun whose designating or say it directly. 

Example: Kore wa dou desu ka? (This one, how about it?)

Kore enpitsu wa dou desuka? (This pencil, how about it?)

Okay, just that. I'm mark it in my notepad, I'm still doesn't remember all of it, I'm just know some grammar. Yeah, for who want learn Japanese, don't give up, okay? I'm have bonus for you, the conversation Japanese! Let's see it:

Aiko: Sumimasen! (Excuse me!)

Hatsue: Hai? (Yes?)

Aiko: O namae wa nan desu ka? (What's your name?)

Hatsue: Hatsue Nakara desu. Etto, anata wa? (Nakara Hatsue. Um... You?)

Aiko: Aiko Kaizoka desu. (Kaizoka Aiko.)

Hatsue: Nani ga hoshii desu ka. (What do you want?)

Aiko: E-Etto... (Um...)

Hatsue: Shitsumon ga arimasuka? (Do you have a question?)

Aiko: Hai! Michi ni mayoimashita. (Yes! I'm lost)

Aiko: Kono jushoo o sagashite imasu. 

Hatsue: Ee? Kore wa watashi no ei! (Eh? This is my house!)

Aiko: Hontou desu ka? (Really?)

Hatsue: Hai, sugu ni dekakemashou! (Yes, let's go!)

Aiko: Demo, ima, ame ga futte imasu (But now, is raining)

Aiko: Kasao mottemasu ka? (Did you bring an umbrella?)

Hatsue: Hai! (Yes!)


Yeah, now I'm still excited make blog. Please read my blog for make me excited make blog! Okay, dewa mata! (See you again!)


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