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When I Know Where to Start Learning Japanese

 Hello, guys! Welcome back to my blog! Well, now I make blog with Shiro and Akhiro again. In this blog, I'll give you some links where I learn Japanese. Now, I know if I learn Japanese, I must start from Hiragana, you know? Before I don't know it, I'm immediately learn Kanji, that's wrong (๑•̀ㅂ•̀)! I'm must start from Hiragana, next Katakana, and bla-bla-bla. Before I'm start my blog, if in my blog have a mistake words, and whose make you upset, I'm sorry, I'm sorry to for another my blog, okay? Okay, let's start! 


Shiro: Start...

Yeah, after I open web: CrunchyNihongo (I know it from YouTube Life of Mori), I immediately without care learn Kanji, that's WEIRD. But I'm very-very confused, because that I'm close article about Kanji, I'm immediately read this article: Japanese Rude/Insult Words, Crunchy Nihongo. Yeah, you will now the insult words you found it in shounen anime:

Kuso: Damn! (Don't speak it, I'm just remind you the sample.)

Chikushou: Damn it!

Baka ka: Are you stupid (DON'T SPEAK THIS!)?

Urusai: Shut up (He?)

I know that is very rude, if you try it for strangers.... The stranger's person will angry, even the strangers who born in Japan. Yeah, and I'm inadvertent click: Easy-Japan Lessons Index – Crunchy Nihongo! I read that, and for the result, I'm know where to start learning Japanese, that's why I'm still strangers with alphabet Hiragana, let's learn Hiragana! After I'm done read that article, I'm immediately learn Hiragana, you know? I'm do not memorize this alphabet Japanese. I'm trying read book whose I borrow from Library Republic Indonesia, I'm trying to memorize Hiragana, now I know some alphabet Hiragana (Not all).

Akhiro: That's naturally if you just know some alphabet Hiragana and not all alphabet Hiragana, because you newly learn that alphabet Japanese. 

Shiro: O yeah, I'm forget, why you want learn Japanese?

I'm have that answers 😁, I learn Japanese, because....

First: I want to make comic use Japanese

Second: I want to make anime animation use Japanese language

Third: I want to watch anime Japan without subtitles

Fourth: I want to make novel use Japanese

Finally: I want to travel to Japan

That's not impossible, I'm have aspiration, I want to be detective, I want to be police, I want to be writers, I want to be animater, and I want to be novelist. Okay, back again.

While learn alphabet Hiragana, I read story made Crunchy Nihongo: Princess Kaguya, Crunchy Nihongo. Well, I should remind you:

Japan has four alphabets, namely: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and Romaji. 

Romaji is more easily to know, the familiar alphabet. But if you master Hiragana, you must want to avoid it as much as you can. Okay? Okay, now I'll give you what I use to learn Japanese now: Crunchy NihongoDuolingoJisho.

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