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How I Make Animation in Adobe Photoshop

Hello, friends! Welcome back to me, アイシヤ (Aisha, my real name is Aisya, but in Japanese my name was changed! From Aisya to Aisha!). Now I will create a blog called 'How I Make Animation in Adobe Photoshop'. Yes, I mean, I made an animated gif. I'm a beginner, so I just make a bouncing gif of the ball (That's very common! I know it yesterday, and I immediately make this blog)! Sorry in the previous blog, I couldn't create an Adobe Photoshop blog. Why can't I create an Adobe Photoshop blog? My video downloads are very much, as a result, my Local Disk is full of a lot of videos or something (I don't know, I don't understand on my computer. Sometimes I think my computer is ERROR! Or sometimes I think my computer is broken!). But now, Alhamdulillah, I can fix it! And let's get started!!

DGEER! Yes, always, when I want to play Ps (Adobe Photoshop), I have to check my Local Disk, and if my Local Disk is not full ... I immediately open/click Ps! Next, click create new, and.... The canvas appears!! Okay, then I move my cursor to Windows, and click Timeline!

After that, I clicked 'Create Frame Animation'

I don't need BG (Background), so, immediately I added a layer and made the ball red! Yes, I made the ball ''fly''

Then, I added another (new) layer, and and created the ball again (The size and width of the ball were the same in the previous ball), but now, I made a small ball down.

New layer again, create another ball, but the ball is small down again. Create another layer, create another ball up to 5 layers! And then, I added another new layer, and created the ball again, but now it does not go down, but up! I made it up to 4 layers!

And... TRADADA! Gif is done! The ball bounces and bounces! Like a basket.

Thank you so much for you reading my blog! Oh yes, Alhamdullillah. Hahaha, LOL, I have always been interested in many languages, firstly, I like Dutch (Language), second, Arabic (Language), third, Korean (Language), and lastly, Japanese (Language). Yeah, 

Sayounara (Goodbye).

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