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How to Make Game Platformer in Scratch, Part-2!

Hello, hello, hello, helo  Hello, guys 😊. Welcome back to my blog (Aisya Raihana), now, I make blog with Shiro and Akhiro (They not real, they just my character in my story) yeah now I'll make blog again, the title NAMED, "How to Make Game Platformer in Scratch, Part-2!" I hope you can do it, guys! If you can do it, say "Alhamdulillah," and if you fail do it, try again. Are you want to start now? Yes? Okay, before it, let's say "BISMILLAH!"  Okay, let's start

Shiro: Start! Akhiro: Start πŸ˜‹

First: Of course, open Scratch (Because, if you do not open Scratch, you can't make game.! You remember blog's title? "In Scratch'' so open Scratch, don't open Unity 3D 😎)

And, immediately, clic "my block" and click "make a block". Named it, "Walks" and click "add an input, number of texts" named it, "steps" and click OK.

Second: Click 'motion' and then take block named, "Change x by..." and please to take your new blocks called "steps" put it in "change x by.." so, "change x by 'steps' "

Next blog is, "set...to..." Make new variables, named, "Ground left". So, if you put it in "set...to", "set 'ground left' to 0".

Third: Click "control" and take block "repeat until...". Next, click "operators" and take block ".....or......" then take block "not....". Put it in, "....or....."

Okay, click "sensing", take block called, "touching color...?". Put it in block, "not....", and then, "Operators" again. And take block, ".... Equal (=)...." After that, take variables, "ground left", put it in block, ".... Equal .... ". So, now the block is, "Not 'touching color (black)? Or 'ground left = 8' ". Finally, put all it in "Repeat Until"

Fourth, Last: Finally, click motion, and take block "change y by '1' ". Put it in block "Repeat Until" too, but under block "Change Y by '1' ".

Yeah, the blog is done! Can you do it, guys?! If you fail, try again. Like whom make KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Are you want to like him? So, don't give up if you fail! Now, I'll show you something about my blog 

Shiro: This is the picture, guys!

Akhiro (Shiro's Friends, in my story character): That's so seriously, can you make the blog is have some humor? 

Me (Shiro, in my story character): I don't know, I want my blog was seriously 😎. 

Akhiro: But the readers will bore! 

Me: Okay, but sometimes, okay? I must think the humor... 

Akhiro: Next blog? 

Me: No, I can't 😦! 

Akhiro: Uwaah 😡! Someone: Can you make humor in your blog? 

Me: I can. 

Akhiro: So, please make next blog is has a humor, okay? 

Me: I can't 😁 

Akhiro: Graaaaa! 

Me: I can 😎 

Akhiro: Really? 

Me: Yes.... 

Akhiro: Really? 

Me: SHUT UP 😫 

Akhiro: Hehehe 😎


Me and Akhiro: So, see you next blog guys! We are sure you can do it!

Akhiro: And, next blog, may has a humor, okay?

Me: I'm not promise, Sir!

Akhiro: Grr....

Me: BYEEE! Akhiro is angry! He is very-very furious, don't like me, the serious girl! Akhiro: GRAAAAAAAAAA!

NIT-NIT! The camera is broken because Akhiro.

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