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How to Make Platformer Game in Scratch Part-1

 Hello, guys! Welcome back to my blog! Now, I'll make blog, titled "How to Make Platformer Game in Scratch Part-1 " Yeah, you want to start now? Yes? Okay, before it, let's say "Bismillah" and let's start!

First: Open Scratch (Of course, I should remind you, if you do not open Scratch, you can't make game, while the title is "How to Make Platformer Game in SCRATCH"), and then click "my block" and make a block. Block named is "moving ground" and click 'Boolean' and give the input Boolean with words called "moving up" And finally, click OK

Second: Now, I'll define my new block. Click "control", search block named "Repeat Until", are you found it? Yes? Okay, take the block "repeat until". After that, click "operators" and then take block called, "not..." Yeah, next block is, "touching color...?" and the color is black

Note: Before do it, please to make the platform and colored it with color black.

Third: Again 😎, click "control" and take block named "if...then...else" Yeah, fill "if...then...else" with block 'moving up' . And then fill " If 'moving up' then...else" with block "change y by '-5'" Yeah, fill above "else" with block "Change y by '1' " and click variables, make a variable, give name for variables, named, "In air?" and so, click OK.

After that, make a variable again, named "Y-vel" to '0'.

Note: block variable 'In Air?" is "Set 'In Air?' to 0

Okay, just in here. That's easy, huh? I hope you can do it, guys! See you next blog!

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