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How to Make Platformer Game in Scratch Part-4

 Euh, hello again. Welcome back to my blog (again...), I hope you not bored read my blog! Well, sorry in this blog, Akhiro and Shiro is not join in my blog. Even they not real, hehehe. Yeah, may be the part is remained three parts! Before start, I'll remind you. If the blog text is 'MALI' Akhiro and Shiro is not join, and if the blog text is "Architects Daughter" Okay, let's read! Bismillah

First: Open Scratch again, and then take block "when ⚑ clicked" and take block "forever" Put it above previous block (I mean, the previous block is "when ⚑ clicked") After that, take block "if...then" Put it in block "forever" Take block "Key (a) pressed?"

And put the block ("Key (a) pressed?") in block "if...then"

Yeah, last block is "walk..." you can find it in 'my blocks'. And give number -7 in "walk..." blocks.

Second, last: Click 'Control' and take block "if.... then" put it above the blocks "if 'key (a) pressed? Then". Take "Key (d) pressed?" blocks and put it in "If...then" blocks. And agaaaaaaain, take block "walk..." and put it again in "if...then" blocks! Give number 7 in "walk..." blocks. 

Done, guys! Oh yeah, before I over my blog, I will show you Elman's protest (My brother's protest about my blog). See it:  

Elman: Why your blog is not had humors? 

Me: I'm want my blog is full of seriously

Elman: But the readers will bore! Naturally your blog is a little reader. Sometimes 1 reader, 3 reader, 18 readers.

Me: This is my blog, just up to me. I'm want my blog is seriously

Elman: Okay, just up to you, but don't blame me if your blog is a little bit reader!

Me (think): Hm... Okay, but...What is humor? Hemm, okay may next blog be had a humor.

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