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How to Make Platformer Game in Scratch Part-3

Hello, guys! Welcome back to my blog! (Akhiro: Why not channel? Shiro: Because this is not YouTube, but this is blog!) Yeah, my two friends are (Not real, Akhiro and Shiro is not real, just my character in my story) follow me make blog. Hehehe, yeah, the truth, Shiro is not want some humor in my blog, but the naughty Akhiro want the blog is has a humor. Hehehe, okay, Shiro said. Yeah, okay (Shiro: Shut up, you said OKAY every time!). Are you want to start now? Okay, let's start!

Akhiro: First! Open Scratch! 

Shut up, Akhiro. You just rabble every time. 

First: Open Scratch (Shiro: And you, open your note! Because you write blog in your book before you write it in blogger, Akhiro: And I do not write blog, but I'm just), and then click "control" (Akhiro: Just immediately. Shiro: Shhh! I'm listening her [ME]!), take block "If...then". After that, take block "Ground left" 

Akhiro: You can find it in "VARIABLES"! Shiro (Still upset): Next!

And put it above block "Repeat Until * " Next block is, ".... = ...." or I called "Equal". Are you found it, guys? Put it in block "if...then"/ After that, take block "ground left" you can find it in "variables", and, put it in block ".... = .... ". Finally, write number "8" in block ".... = .... ".

Second: Now, take block "change x by ... " (Shiro and Akhiro: You can find it in motion). Put it in block, "if...then". Well, now take block " .... * ..... " Or I called "Multiplied", write number negative one (-1) in " .... ..... " and take block "steps"

You can take the block from "Define, walks 'steps'" put it in " .... ..... " Yeah, put block "change x by '-1' * 'steps' in block "if....then"!

Finally! Take block "change y by (-8)" and put it above the previous block. And done! 

*Shiro: The block 'repeat until' is in previous blog, you can read it again, go ahead.

Akhiro: This is the code!

Yeah, sorry my blog is so short! But the game is not done, see you in next block, part 4! Hehehe, sorry again, my blog is not having humor! 

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