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When I Like Japanese

Ckrek, Nit πŸ“·! Shiro opening camera and starting video. Me: Done?

Shiro πŸ˜•: I don't know

Akhiro: What are you two doing, guys? The camera is starting video

Me: We're want make blog, dude. Wait ...... what 😬? This camera was starting video now?!

~ Me: Okay, hello, everyone. Welcome back to my blogger! Ogenki desu ka (How are you?). 

Let's start now.

~ Me: Ehm....Now, I'm like language Japanese. You know? Sometimes I like language Dutch, Arabian, Korean, and German. But now, well, I don't like that language again, except Korean. I'm still like language Korean, but now I'm wanting to learn language Japanese first, after I can speak it and not stranger again with language Japanese, I will learn Korean. 

~ Shiro: Yeah, hello, I'm Shiro, Aisha's (The truth of my name is Aisya, but in Japanese, my name is change from Aisya to Aisha) Assistant πŸ˜‰. This is weird...

~ Me: I'm not weird 😣!

~ Shiro: Okay, okay. Now, Aisha learn Japanese while learn English. That's weird, right?

~ Me: That's not weird 😀

~ Akhiro: But I think that is weird, you will confuse like this 😡, because learn two languages all at once. Yes, Shiro?

~ Shiro: Yes, but just up to you, Aisha πŸ‘

~ Me: Okay, back again, guys. Yeah, I know I will confuse learn two languages all at once. But now, I'm do not confuse if I learn Japanese while learn English. What about you, guys? I'm do not worry reading/listening your critics. 

~ Me: Yeah, when I learn Japanese, I'm learn Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji 😎. I'm download video youtube 'LIfe of Mori' because I'm wanting to see her learn Japanese. I'm download video learn Japanese. 

~ Akhiro 😁: Oh yeah, wait... She (Me, Aisya/Aisha) borrows book Japanese too from Perpusnas (Library National Republic Indonesia). She borrows lot of books Japanese, about Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, and how to pronounce (Japanese) it. 

~ Me 😎: Of course! I'm must borrow many books Japanese. Shiro, why you just close your mouth?

~ Shiro: Eh? Nothing. Oh yeah, Aisha learn Japanese in Duolingo too.

~ Me: So far, that's app/browser was helping me learn Japanese, now I know some words Japanese. Right, Shiro? Akhiro?

~ Akhiro 😐: Ehm, right (The truth, he wants to say 'no' but than make me upset, he says 'right')

~ Me: How about you, Shiro?

~ Shiro: Right, but can you say example words you know?

~ Me πŸ˜“: No, I can't, may be in next blog, oh yeah, back again, guys. 

~ Me: Yeah, since I like Japanese, I'm borrow book "30 Days Learn Japanese". Now, I'm borrow 5 ✌ books learn Japanese!

~ Akhiro πŸ˜‘: But the emoji hand is two? Shiro πŸ˜’: ....

~ Me: Yeah, okay, I'm borrow 5 ☝ books. 

~ Akhiro 😦: Your emoji hand is one! Shiro πŸ˜’: Uh

~ Me: Up to me. I'm try again, now I'm borrow 5 ✋ books learn Japanese. As a result, now I'm know some Japan's Particles! Except for Duolingo, I'm use Jisho: Click in Here.

~ Me: My mother said if I indeed want to learn Japanese, she will join me to class learn Japanese. I'm more excited πŸ˜† learn Japanese than learn Dutch, German, and French. I'll will give you my reason why I want to learn Dutch (Past), that's a simple answer: Because write Dutch is easy. That's mean the truth I'm don't like Dutch, but just because alphabet Dutch is easy.

~ Me: Yeah, now I'm happy I am homeschooling! I can learn what I want. I can boost my skill. What about you, guys? 

~ Akhiro πŸ˜„: Yeah, I and Shiro deliberate join in this blog because she (Me, Aisha) wants you do not bore read this blog πŸ“. 

~ Shiro: Yeah, sometimes Aisha makes nickname for us. She gives nickname for me is, "The Seriusly Girl" sometimes "The Quietly Girl" and Akhiro nickname is, "The Great Boy" and sometimes, "The Naughty Boy"! 

~ Me: That's not important.

~ Akhiro: And this is the browser Aisha use to learn Japanese: Duolingo, Jisho, dan, WaniKani.

~ Me: Yeah, the blog is over. Bye-bye, guys. I hope you will do what you want! BYE!

~ Shiro and Akhiro: BYEE, GUYS!

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