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2 Simple Japanese Grammar

Hello, everyone! How are you now? Hopefully, you (guys) always healthy. Yeah, now I want to make blog "2 Simple Japanese Grammar" yeah, like in the title the simple Japanese Grammar, so, I hope you always remember that grammar. Hopefully, you quickly understand that easy (For me, that very easy to remember it) or simple grammar, oh yeah, I have bonus for you later. The conversation Japanese. Okay, let's read! Or yomimashou (Let's read)! 

🌹~ (Noun) の (Noun).

🍁~ (Noun NO Noun): This grammar is use for declaring ownership in some noun, or subject with Noun. 

Example: Watashi no hon. (My book)

Aiko no kami. (Aiko's paper)

🌹~ (Noun) と (Noun)。

🍁~ (Noun TO Noun): This grammar is use for string compound, well, also can meaning as words 'And' or 'With' and can use by consecutive.

Example: Watashi wa okaasan to otousan sundeimasu. (I live with Mother and Father.)

Kore wa watashi no otouto to imouto desu. (This is my (little) brother and (little) sister.)

🌹~ Yeah, just that. I'm sorry, may in next blog I make Japanese N5 Grammar. In total, JLPT N5 are over 80 grammars, if you want to read my blog Learn Japanese, this the link: Learn Japanese with Aisha. I'm still mark 5 grammars in my book. Okay, are you want the conversation Japanese? Allright, let's go, this conversation is in Hatsue's house.

Hatsue no haha (Hatsue's mother): Nani ga nomimashou ka (Would you like to drink?)

Aiko: Juusu... (Juice)

Aiko: Onamae wa o onegai shimasu. (May I know your name?)

Hatsue no haha: Mochiron! (Of course!)

Hatsue no haha: Watashi no namae wa Keiko Nakara. (My name is Nakara Keiko)

Aiko: Aa...

Aiko: Moo jamashita node, sumimasen. (I'm sorry to have troubled you)

Hatsue: Kamaimasen. 

-> Continued....

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