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Topic while Practice English, eps-1

Hello, hello, hello!! Welcome back to my blog! Now, I will make blog ''Topic while Practice English, eps-1''! Now, the topic is.... Piano! Well, now I learn piano while learn Japanese. Actually, I very-very do not know how to play piano, well I play piano in computer. And, this is the link: Virtual Piano. Yeah, tell me if you found a bad mistake, right? Okay? Bismillahirrohmanirrohim....

Yeah, actually, I still doesn't know how to play real piano. I'm just play in computer. Now I can play piano songs Für Elise, don't think I can play piano, I'm just write notes songs Für Elise by me, I do not write it like this image:

Nooo, no, I do not write like this, I'm just write like this:

That's not bad, isn't it? What your opinion? I'm sorry, in this blog I do not tell you that's mean. Okay, now are you know who found piano first? Bartolomeo Cristofori? Yeah, you right! At first piano was called the “fortepiano”, that mean ''lout-soft'' in Italian. It was given this name because it could be played either loudly or softly. Don't think harpsichord is can do that too like piano, harpsichord do not can do that like piano. If you want to see more about piano, just see it in (Click next words, I write link in white color, so, you can see it, except you click next the words): Piano~ Kiddle

Yeah, just in here. Sorry if my blog is so short. I hope friends have blog about piano and how to play piano, I will read it, comment if you have blog, okay? See you, dewa mata!

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