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How to Make from Block to Lego in MagicaVoxel


Hello guys, welcome back to my blogger! Now I will show you how to make lego in MagicaVoxel. Hmm, maybe you can help me how to make animation in MagicaVoxel, because I don't know the tool for make animation. Ah, so silly. Okay, okay, let's do it now, guys! 

Nope, just kidding, are you know about MagicaVoxel? Ah, right, if you use MagicaVoxel, you will easily create amazing voxels to create 3D Animations (Yeah, except me, because I don't know how to make animations in this app!). 

MagicaVoxel is a decent tool for creating voxels (Or sometimes, my siblings called pixel not 'voxel'), as it has a simple interface, making it great/amazing for both beginners and advanced users.

First: Open MagicaVoxel app, or you can download MagicaVoxel app. 

Two: Emm, u can make something first, I will make hospital of ghost, just one ghost, hehe... I make the hospital with many red blood, tall grass, and moss. That is the old hospital, right? 

Third: After you built, click RENDER, and click icon settings or Display. Then, click "SHAPE".

Lastly: After you click "SHAPE" click 'Lego'. Oh yeah, you can use other shape, example: Clay, Cube, MC (Hemm, maybe McGonnagal? Hehehe, just kidding!), Sphr, and Cyli. 

Sometimes, I'm use Clay for make tree, that's better for me. Like real tree, or looks like tree in the game, isn't it? Yeah, emm, hopefully, in next blog, I make blog about Wick Editor or Aseprite or Piskel.

And, see you next time.

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